Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gets DLSS Frame Generation: 77% FPS Gain with Broken Shadows

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has received a new title update that adds Frame Generation for NVIDIA RTX 40 series users (only). Unfortunately, gamers on RTX 30/RTX 20 and Radeon GPUs will have to wait for an FSR 3 implementation of frame generation. There’s another tiny issue with the update. The DLSS “Frame Generation” added by Capcom is buggy and adds shadowy artifacts everywhere in the game.

Enabling frame generation boosts performance by 75-80%, regardless of the resolution and whether ray tracing is enabled. Our test bed averaged 122 FPS and 131 FPS with and without ray tracing at 4K. Similarly, 1440p performance was also up 77%, jumping from 74 FPS to 132 FPS with frame generation enabled.

4K Max

Frame generation halves the workload on the CPU side by interpolating a third frame between every two frames. Consequently, the GPU-Busy Deviation (difference between frame time and GPU’s busy time) is also halved, at least at 4K, from ~20% to ~10%.

The GPU Busy Deviation (ray tracing enabled) also drops by more than 50% with frame generation enabled, from 32% to 18% at 4K “Max” settings. Now, about those artifacts. Have a looksie:

1080p RT Max

Click on the images to enlarge them. You’ll see that there are chainmail artifacts everywhere between the shadows. The shadows are also buggy, with extremely blurry edges even at “Max.”

1080p RT Max
4K RT Max

These artifacts are present at every resolution but are more prominent (and darker) at lower resolutions such as 1080p. At 1440p and 4K, the same line patterns are more transparent or lighter.

4K RT Max

This is probably a bug with the frame generation algorithm, where the shadow samples from older frames aren’t rejected even if they don’t coincide with the current frame’s shadows. Here’s hoping it’s fixed fast.


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