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Ghost of Tsushima Best Settings for the Steam Deck: Optimized for 40-45 FPS

How does Ghost of Tsushima perform on the Steam Deck?

We published the performance optimization guide for Ghost of Tsushima earlier today. This is the second post in that series, recommending the graphics settings for the Steam Deck handheld console. Ghost of Tsushima was tested in the below scene using customized graphics settings that provide a stable 40-45 FPS at 720p. This is one of the more intensive scenes in the game with plenty of fires and rain to stress your hardware:

Ghost of Tsushima: Steam Deck Performance Review

Ghost of Tsushima Steam Deck Settings Optimized

Performance and Frame Rates

Ghost of Tsushima runs at a stable 40-45 FPS on the Steam Deck. That’s fairly high for a recent AAA open-world. Horizon Forbidden West runs at 30 FPS and so does Baldur’s Gate 3. To top it off, these frame rates were recorded during a rainstorm with plenty of embers flying around, so you can expect higher FPS in some of the calmer areas of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Steam Deck Settings Optimized

Graphics Settings

In the Display section, we set the Resolution to 720p (1280×720), enabled AMD FSR 3.0 (Quality), and disabled Dynamic Resolution Scaling. V-Sync was turned off, and the game was set to Fullscreen.

In the Graphics menu, Texture Quality was set to Medium, Texture Filtering to 8x Anisotropic, and Shadow Quality to Medium. The Level of Detail (LOD) was set to Medium as were Terrain Detail, and Volumetric Fog. Screen Space Reflections (SSR) were set to Low but can be turned off.

Ghost of Tsushima Steam Deck Settings Optimized

Screen Space Shadows (SSS) were also set to Low, while Ambient Occlusion was switched to SSAO Performance. Bloom, Vignette, and Water Caustics don’t have a notable impact on performance and were left On.

Visuals and Battery Life

Ghost of Tsushima is among the most visually impressive games on the Steam Deck. It looks as good as the console versions with an average framerate of 40-45 FPS. The game lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes on a full charge.

Ghost of Tsushima: Optimized Settings for the Steam Deck

Optimized Graphics SettingsSteam Deck OLED
Texture QualityMedium
Texture Filtering8x AF
Anti-AliasingFSR 3 (Quality)
Screen Space ShadowsLow
Screen Space ReflectionsLow or Off
Terrain QualityMedium
Level of DetailMedium
Shadow QualityMedium
Ambient OcclusionSSAO Performance
UpscalingFSR 3 (Quality)


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