Helldivers 2 Optimized Settings for NVIDIA RTX 4060 Laptop GPU at 1080p and 1440p

The best graphics settings for Helldivers 2 on NVIDIA RTX 4060 laptop GPUs

Helldivers 2 is one of the first PS5 exclusives to launch on PC simultaneously. Barring all the PSN drama, it’s a solid coop shooter with modest hardware requirements. We’ve already covered high-end and low-end PC optimization guides. Today, we’ll test the game on the GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU, one of the most popular video cards among Steam users. We used the Alienware x14 powered by the Core i7-13620H, the RTX 4060 mobile, and 32GB (8GB x4) of DDR5-4800 MT/s memory.

The RTX 4060 mobile features 3072 shaders across 24 SMs, complemented by 32MB of L2 cache and 96 ROPs. It is paired with 8GB of GDDR6 memory across a 128-bit bus, producing a peak bandwidth of 256 GB/s. The graphics core is clocked at up to 1545MHz, with a boost clock of 1890MHz, while the memory runs at 2000MHz (effectively 16Gbps). The RTX 4060 laptop GPU has a TBP of 115W, though it is slightly higher or lower on some notebooks.

Helldivers 2 averaged 48 FPS at 1080p on one of those fiery/foggy planets using the Ultra quality graphics preset. Increasing the resolution to 1440p reduced the frame rates to 39.6 FPS, with lows of 30.6 FPS. Let’s unpack. While 1080p is still playable with close to 50 FPS on average, 1440p isn’t quite there yet. Before we move to tweak the settings, let’s see if Helldivers 2 is GPU or CPU-bound:

1080p Ultra

As you can see, the game is completely GPU-bound at 1080p where most titles show some degree of CPU limitation. Using our previous optimization guide, we know the most taxing graphics options that tank performance: Shadows, Particle Effects, Volumetric Fog, and Volumetric Clouds. Anti-aliasing is also quite punishing, but there’s too much shimmering everywhere without it.

NVIDIA RTX 4060 Laptop GPU: 1080p &1440p Optimized Settings

Reducing the “Shadow Quality” and “Particle Quality” to LOW increased the average framerate to 55.6 FPS, up from 48 FPS at Ultra. The lows are also quite tolerable, staying over 45 FPS through the run. We found this to be a satisfying experience, but if you want more frames, continue reading:

Next, we increased the screen resolution to 1440p and reduced “Volumetric Clouds” and “Reflections” to MEDIUM. The “Volumetric Fog” quality was set to LOW. Keep in mind that Shadows and Particles are also set to Low. This improved the performance to 56 FPS on average, up from just 39.6 FPS at Ultra. However, the lows are still lower than we’d like at 40 FPS.

Lastly, we disabled “Screen Space Global Illumination” which doesn’t impact the outdoors as much, especially during daytime. This boosted our 1440p average to 62 FPS, with lows of 55 FPS. You can disable the same setting at 1080p to get more than 55 FPS on average.

Optimized Settings for Helldivers 2 on RTX 4060 Laptop GPU & RTX 3060 Mobile

NVIDIA RTX 4060 Laptop GPUNVIDIA RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
Texture QualityUltra/HighHigh
Object Detail QualityHighHigh
Render DistanceUltraUltra
Shadow QualityLowLow
Particle QualityLowLow
Reflection QualityHigh/MediumLow
Space QualityHighLow
Ambient OcclusionOnOn
Screen Space Global IlluminationOffOff
Vegetation and Rubble DensityUltraHigh
Terrain QualityHighMedium
Volumetric Fog QualityHigh/LowLow
Volumetric Cloud QualityHigh/MediumLowest
Lighting QualityHighMedium
Anti AliasingOnOn (or off with upscaling enabled)
UpscalingNativeUltra Quality or Quality
Bloom, Depth of Field, Motion BlurPersonal choicePersonal choice


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