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Horizon Forbidden West: Best Steam Deck Settings for Improving FPS

How does Horizon Forbidden West perform on the Steam Deck?

Horizon Forbidden West is among the recent PlayStation exclusives to hit PC. Our optimization guide thoroughly explores the performance impact of each graphics setting in detail. A dedicated analysis of the game on low-end hardware contains tips and tricks to attain a stable 60 FPS on entry-level PCs. This article features the best settings for Horizon Forbidden West on the Steam Deck handheld.

Horizon Forbidden West: Steam Deck Performance Review

Horizon Forbidden West Steam Deck Settings

Performance and Frame Rates

Horizon Forbidden West nets an average of 30 FPS at 800p (1280 x 800) on the Steam Deck with our optimized settings. There are drops to mid-20 with some stutter when riding the flying mount, but they should be fixed with future updates.

Horizon Forbidden West Steam Deck Settings

Graphics Settings

With Horizon Forbidden West, we used a mix of low and very low settings on the Steam Deck. The texture quality was set to medium, AMD’s FSR 2.2 upscaler was set to the balanced preset, and the framerates were locked to 30 FPS (from the Steam Deck settings) for a stable experience. Other than bloom, all the post-processing filters including motion blur, depth of field, vignette, and chromatic aberration were disabled.

Horizon Forbidden West Steam Deck Settingsv

Visuals and Battery Life

Horizon Forbidden West lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes on a full charge with the below settings. The game looks quite average with a bit of artifacting around thin objects like vegetation and hair.

Horizon Forbidden West: Best Graphics Setting for the Steam Deck

Optimized settingsSteam Deck OLED
Resolution800p (1280 x 800)
Texture QualityMedium
Texture FilteringTrilinear
Depth of FieldOff
Shadow QualityVery Low
Level of DetailVery Low
Terrain QualityLow
Cloud QualityLow
Ambient OcclusionOff
Hair QualityVery Low
Screen Space ReflectionsOff
Water QualityLow
Crowd QualityLow
Translucency QualityDefault
Screen Space ShadowsOff
Anti AliasingN/A
UpscalingAMD FSR 2.2 “Balanced”


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